Gary Van Koten

Don't Break Me Down


Words & Music by Gary Van Koten
© 2007 Fast Horse Publishing

Sun comes up already feelin down
Can’t seen to find my way past this town
Guess I learned the hard way not to quit the road
All’s said and done just another story told

Don’t break me down your love cuts like a knife
Don’t bread me down let me live my life
Don’t’ break me down can’t you see I’m on the run
Don’t break me down, Don’t break me down

Shinin down on me the noon day sun
Gone the shade and beauty in your eyes
Longin for the headlights that chase me down
Love gone bad doesn’t make a sound

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge:  Don’t break me down, Don’t break me down

Time moves on another day gone by
My world stops turnin stuck on your lies
Movin on can save me but the hurt is so deep
Nothin left here that I wanta keep

(Repeat Chorus)

Gotta find my way back to the old familiar road
Just an old friend won’t cause you pain
Guess I had to try it settlin down
I’ll be back on that long road rollin on down

(Repeat Chorus)

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