Gary Van Koten

Dream Catcher


Words & Music by Gary Van Koten
© 2007 Fast Horse Publishing

Rains fallin down from the sky
Ask myself and I don’t know why
Deliver me from the capture of your lies

You’re a dream catcher
Put em in your pocket
Carry em away

Thunder and lightning all around
I know there’s somethin here can’t be found
Had em in my hand now they’re gone without a sound

(Repeat Chorus)

Roll with the punches that’s what they say
But dreams are yours to keep none should take away
You reached deep in my soul took every dream I had

(Repeat Chorus)

Lightning strikes fast what can you see
Didn’t see it comin down on me
When it falls from heaven it’s gotta be real

Reach on down give em back to me
You took a piece of heaven why can’t you see
Like the stars in the sky dreams can never die

(Repeat Chorus)

Dream catcher… Dream catcher… Dream catcher...
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