Gary Van Koten

With many years spent in the clubs and concert stage, playing on shows with such greats as Steve Miller, Albert Collins, Carmin Appice, Bill Champlin, Tim Bogarrt, Deep Purple, and The Grateful Dead, to name a few, Gary’s depth of experience and influence have brought together an interesting, unique mix of classic and new ingredients. A powerful blues/rock sound, featuring soulful, blues guitar work shines though with inventive song structures and lyrics.

Gary's guitar and keyboard work each stand on their own, and in combination, produce a diverse, colorful, exciting mix, while bringing additional scope to his songwriting. His new material includes acoustic guitar and keyboard based songs, with some in a crossover genre, adding dimension and diversity to his predominant guitar based hard blues rock sound.

With a wealth of new songs written, Gary and the Gary Van Koten Band are currently in the studio recording new material.

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